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Alexey Sherstobitov (Lyosha Soldat). Liquidator. Confession of the legendary killer

Производитель: Книжный мир
Автор: Alexey Sherstobitov (Lyosha Soldat)
Год издания: 2013
Издательство: Book world
ISBN: 978-5-8041-0616-5
Vote(s): 90
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Product code (SKU):  978-5-8041-0616-5
Weight: 380 g

"Killer number one" - exactly so christened Alexey Sherstobitov by the nickname "Soldier". Ten years of its crime shook news lines. All knew about its murders, but nobody knew about its existence. Large businessmen, politicians, leaders of an organized criminal group were targets of the killer: Otari Kvantrishvili, Joseph Glotser, Grigory Gusyatinsky, Alexander Tarantsev... I had the order Alexey Sherstobitov and on Boris Berezovsky's elimination, but one seconds prior to a shot the release team followed. Extremely frank, true story about gangster wars in which intelligence services, about destinies of leaders of the most powerful organized criminal groups actively participated." The liquidator" - not a fiction, not the detective, not literary "soap", not tiresome мемуаристика. Reading not for a dream and not with boredom. We never heard and didn't read anything similar. From the first pages "Confessions of the Legendary Killer" before us the era in a riflescope grid is developed. The stylistics, spelling and punctuation of the author is partially kept.

Year of release: 2013.
Number of pages: 416
Format: 84*108/32
ISBN: 978-5-8041-0616-5

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